Watchout for real estate scams

I don’t believe how bold and how stupid criminals can be, this guy may take the case.  A West Philadelphia man was charged Thursday with a variety of real estate scams, from stealing houses to renting properties that weren’t his.  Here’s what he did.  He began to negotiate a rent-to-own deal for a house giving the impression he was going to proceed with the deal.  He then borrowed the keys, probably giving the excuse that he wanted to show his wife who couldn’t be there at the time.  The trusting owners gave him the keys.   He then proceeded to moved in, changing the locks and ringing the house with security cameras.  The owners discovered their house had been hi-jacked and went to the police.  The police, told the owners it was “a real estate deal that didn’t work out” and that they would not prosecute.  These poor people ended up losing the home at sheriff’s sale last year. The criminal lived there until February, when the new owners finally forced him out.  Additionally, he had had advertised properties for rent on Craigslist, accepted hundreds of dollars in advance security and rental payments, then failed to let them move in.  They finally arrested the slick conman and charged him with  52 felony counts.  He should be locked away for a long time.  Let this be a warning to you. Don’t think it can’t happen here in Toledo, Ohio.  Work with a professional real estate agent and have documents you are going to sign reviewed by your attorney.

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