Good night John Boy… good memories.

The Walton's 40th ReunionFor those of you old enough to remember the show the Waltons and for those that may have watched it in re-runs, the Waltons just celebrated their 40th anniversary.  I can remember as a child watching it every week.  It was one of my favorite shows growing up and truth be told, if I’m flipping channels and hit upon it I’ll stop and watch again.

Set during the Great Depression, the Walton family’s life story was told through the eyes of eldest son John Walton, Jr., nicknamed John Boy, an aspiring writer. The series was based on the boyhood of its creator, Earl Hamner, Jr., born July 10, 1923, and it was he who narrated each episode. Hamner modeled Walton’s Mountain after the small village of Schuyler, Virginia, where he grew up, 26 miles south of Charlottesville. He wrote about his family, he once said, because “to be a good writer, one should write about what one cares for most passionately.” Nostolgic Magzine

Simple times yes, but as we learned the most precious are when the clutter of the outside world and distractions that mean nothing to our soul’s enrichment are stripped way and we can see what is really important, the love of God, family and friends.

The cast of the Emmy award-winning TV show joined Matt Lauer on TODAY to talk about their 40 anniversary reunion, appearing in public together for the first time in over 20 years. Most of the family cast was there less grandpa Zeb Walton played by Will Geer and grandma Esther Walton played by Ellen Corby, both having passed.  John “Daddy” Walton, played by Ralph Waite was also absent from this interview.

One of the most touching and memorable moments of every episode was bedtime when John Boy would summarize his thoughts of the day and everyone would say goodnight.

“When we were living though them we called them bad times and thought that we were poor. Only after we had all grown up were we to realized what good times they had been and how very rich we were.” — Earl Hamner, Jr. AKA John Boy Walton.

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